The Dream Bowl Experience


“I just wanted to reach out and say a huge thank you again for everything you and the Dream Bowl has done for me. Not only was it a great experience but it truly gave me the confidence I needed in pursuit of my dream to play in the NFL playing with many great players who are now in the CFL and NFL. I just recently sign with an NFL agent out of New York City and I’m the first division 3 kid he has ever worked with and now I’m training in Orlando with coach Tom Shaw one of the greats and everyone asks me what was one of the best things I did to get me to this point and I always tell them playing in two big all star games most especially the Dream Bowl. This is a great cause and a great game and I look forward to keeping up with this game for years to come and see the great things it does for athletes all over the country! Hope all is well! Thanks again!” -Brandon Fuentes, Dream Bowl IV

“The way I would describe the Dream Bowl to someone who is considering playing is that it is one best decisions you will make in your life. It was a great experience for me because I had my first NFL interview with the NYJ. It also was the best all star game I played in, I played in two other all star games besides this one. The game itself was ridiculously fun it was cold, windy, & crazy. I was a part of the first overtime game in Dream Bowl history, DREAM BOWL IV. #theexperienceDREAMBOWL 
-Trained at Parabolic in Farmingdale, NJ 
-Pro day at Rutgers 3/9/16 New Brunswick 
-NYJ rookie mini camp 5/6-8/16 
-NYJ Training Camp Invite” -Darren Wilson, Dream Bowl IV

The Dream Bowl was an awesome experience…if not one of the coolest events for football I’ve ever been apart of. I was so blessed to be a part of that game! The game was awesome but just getting to know all those guys all across the United States and how we all came together with our respective teams was just a cool thing to see. I’m still friends with most of the guys on my team and are able to catch up with those guys on social media. I will always be a big supporter of this event and will encourage other players to definitely try and play in this game. Just an awesome experience all the way around and Memories to last a life time!” -Jacob Potts, Dream Bowl IV

The Dream Bowl was like the Super Bowl to me. Great players from around the country you get to practice and get to know. The practices were like game day. The intensity was always up. Meet a lot of great people and it gave me a reason to come back home to VA. All my family from DC and Maryland came out. I was interviewed by a NFL team and we won the game. I will never forget the Dream Bowl weekend experience. Wish I could do it all over again.” -Paul Dodson, Dream Bowl IV

“Participating in the Dream Bowl was one of the best football experiences I have ever had, and I have you guys to thank for that. I cannot stress enough how appreciative I am for all the work you guys did to organize the event.” – Liam Nadler, Dream Bowl IV

“Thank you for the experience! The Dream Bowl was a great experience and one that I will never forget!” – Daniel Sobolewski, Dream Bowl IV

“Without you guys along this journey, the dream probably would have been much harder to achieve, thank you!” – Tanner Agen, Dream Bowl IV

Brent Peavy of Texas Lutheran University enjoyed meeting new players, working with new coaches and performing in front of scouts!

Johnathan Alvarez of Delaware Valley College had a great experience meeting great players and the great coaching staff.

Matt Chierici of TCNJ said the Dream Bowl was very organized, the coordinators were great and had a very fun weekend at the Dream Bowl in Virginia Beach.

Josh Runda of Bluffton University said the Dream Bowl gave him a chance to play football again and to play against players from all over the country.

Joey Miller of Lebanon Valley College said the Dream Bowl was well-organized and the coaches were great.

Tank Wright of Louisiana College summed up his experience at Dream Bowl II this way: unity, organization, family time, passion and love.

Nick Mearite of Guilford College said the Dream Bowl let him meet new friends and let him play in a game one last time.

Jordan Koehler of Anna Maria College said the CESM staff gave personal treatment and described CESM as a 1st class operation.

Devin Myers of Western Connecticut State enjoyed the 4-day trip as it gave the players and families more time to merge together as a team which was much better than the other bowl games out there.

Carmen Alvarez, aunt of Johnathan Alvarez said Neil Malvone and the rest of the organization were very personable and informative about the schedule to allow the families to plan their weekend around the players.

Marilyn Obruba, mother of Johnathan Alvarez said the Dream Bowl gave the young men an opportunity to end their careers knowing they were very good athletes.  She also was impressed with the dedication of CESM as she did not feel the Dream Bowl was a money-making event.

Bruce Smith, father of Kevin Smith, stated the venue gives D-III athletes an opportunity to showcase their talents one more time and to meet other players from around the country.

Michael Macura, father of Ethan Macura, said CESM had quality people involved in the Dream Bowl event and he described the hotel and the stadium as top-notch.

“The hard work Neil Malvone and his staff put into making the Dream Bowl a success impressed me the most. Everything was perfectly organized, especially being it’s the first year of the Dream Bowl.” -Satisfied Parent

“Neil Malvone and his staff coordinated this entire weekend event for the players and their families.” -Satisfied Parent

“The coaches Jordan Neal and Jerry Flora devoted their time and dedication teaching the players they never met before how to become even better football players.” -Satisfied Parent

“Great weekend and great event by Neil Malvone and his organization.” -Pearson Family “My Dream Bowl weekend was one that I’ll never forget.” -Jeremy Garcia/SUNY Maritime/CB

“The overall experience was one that is full of memories and I created new relationships with coaches and teammates that I’ll never forget.” -Jeremy Garcia/SUNY Maritime/CB

“I was impressed about how well organized it was and the dinner banquet was perfect.” -Danny Triplett/Norwich University/RB

“The collection and talent of players from all around the country impressed me the most.” -Satisfied Player

“What impressed me was the talent level of players and spirit of Neil Malvone, his staff and the coaching staff.” -Satisfied Player

“What impressed me the most was how family oriented the weekend was.” -Cory Gay/Shenandoah University/P “

I was impressed by how nice the coaches were. They knew we were all-stars and know about the game, but also coaches us and taught us new things.” -Satisfied Player

“What impressed me the most was the coaches and organization in such little time.” -Bryan Ogden/Montclair State University/WR

“I was impressed by how everyone got together and almost became a unit.” -LiDarral Bailey/University of Mary Hardin-Baylor/QB

“The amount of respect from the coaches impressed me.” -Shane Brozowski/Castleton State College/QB